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Outside The Box Thinking Which Can Save You Thousands 

Roof Leak Detection & Repair Specialists

What makes Kangaroof so different?

Our skill is displayed when we find a permanent & cost-effective solution to your complex roof issue.

Success follows when your issue is solved without you having to take out a second mortgage.

Sure, it's more profitable for us to suggest significant repairs or a new roof but let's be honest, spending money on a roof repair is no more enjoyable than digging up half your front yard to replace a broken stormwater pipe. So wouldn't you appreciate us finding a way for you to keep those extra thousands of dollars for when you do need to replace that broken stormwater pipe? 

This has been our approach since 2006 & we challenge you to find a single dissatisfied client.

How have we managed to save so many roofs for so long, you ask?

Its called the Kangaroof code:

  • When identifying a leak, we never assume the cause. We always find evidence.

  • We treat every roof as if it were our own. 

  • One unhappy customer is two too many. 

How confident are we in our approach, you ask? Another great question. The answer is in our ten years warranty or written full money-back guarantee if we are unsuccessful. 

Ps. You'll never get your money back - no one has. We are yet to fail. 

Michaela's complex roof issue is a perfect example.



Here we have a section of a house built straight onto a metal roof. The metal roof had a major leak which was located below the house. I think we can skip the part about how expensive it would have been to remove the house, replace the roof then rebuild the house. This was the only option Michaela was given by other roofing businesses. 


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How about constructing a new roof to redirect the water away from under the house?

How about saving thousands of dollars? 

We constructed a timber frame, laid new colorbond sheets & installed custom colorbond flashing. 

"Moe at Kangaroof was asked to come up with a way to prevent rainwater from leaking
from the roof into the apartment below.
He designed and installed a new section of roofing angled above
the old one which during the rains on and off in the past 
weeks has so far prevented any leakage.
Moe commenced the job as requested and at all times was co-operative
and completed the job on time.
I would ask him to quote on any building or repair work in the future." 
Neutral Bay. 

Anything less than a  5-star  rating is simply not good enough


"would highly recommend Kangaroof as a roofing repairer. Our experience with Kangaroof and particularly with Moe was fantastic. At all times, we felt fully informed and got the best advice and highest quality work. Since Moe completed the repairs, we have had some very heavy thunderstorms, and there were absolutely no leaks. Thanks, Moe."



Mount Colah, NSW


"We found Moe very reliable and honest. He took photos of 'before & after' and did not recommend work which was not necessary. He was competitively priced. We highly recommend Moe from kangaroof"

Mary Chang

Rodd Point, NSW


"Would highly recommend Moe for the excellent job he did to fix my leaking roof. Moe arrived on time to give me a quote. He was very professional, Knowledgeable and friendly. The quote was very reasonably priced and the work was carried out in the time frame provided without any delay. The best thing about Moe's service is that he actually does the job himself rather than re-contracting someone else. I will give all my future roof related jobs to Moe as I really felt that everything was done very professionally and in a friendly manner. I would also recommend Moe to anyone who wants any work done on their roof.


Surry Hills, NSW

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