Roof Scoop Pricing & Performance

There is no universal fit with the Roof Scoop. All Roof Scoops are custom made to fit your roof profile seamlessly and are Installed by a Kangaroof professional. This includes minor roof timber reframing and wiring. Both the Roof Scoop and installation is covered by our 10 years warranty. 

Prices below include all timber framing, wiring and installation.

* Individual outlet Roof Scoops can be sold if the home is equipped with sufficient inlet eave vents. Cross ventilation     can not be created without both inlet and outlet vents. 



Semi Solar Couple:  This is ideal for a small to medium sized home equipped with good ceiling insulation. This combines both wind and solar force to circulate air within the roof space, reducing heat in summer and dampness in winter.

The Twins:  This is ideal for a small to medium sized home equipped with good ceiling insulation. Both Scoops are solar powered which increases the performance during non windy days by better circulating the air within the roof space.

The Power Couple (most popular):  This is ideal for a medium sized home with poor ceiling insulation, located in a low sunlight area. Both Scoops are solar powered and equipped with a module and battery pack. The systems can run for over 12 hours without sunlight. This is perfect for warm summer days and nights. 

Effective in reducing roof space temperatures, condensation and dampness.

The Threesome (best value):  This is ideal for a medium to large sized home with poor or no ceiling insulation, located in a low sunlight area. This is also ideal for double storey homes, as the second storey temperature is usually higher than below. All 3 Scoops are solar powered and can run for over 12 hours with no sunlight, thanks to its oversized 12v 12aH battery pack, module and a 20w mono solar panel for fast charging.

Very effective in reducing roof space temperature, condensation and dampness. 

Party Of Four:  This is ideal for a large sized home or double storey home with poor or no ceiling insulation, located in a low sunlight or damp area. All 4 Scoops are solar powered and can run for over 12 hours with no sunlight, thanks to its oversized 12v 12aH battery pack, module and a 40w mono solar panel for rapid charging. Creates cross ventilation from all 4 directions making it extremely effective in eliminating dampness and mould in poorly ventilated homes.

Extremely effective in reducing roof space temperature, condensation and dampness.

Information to help you select the best package

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