Mushrooms look better on your dinner plate.

Roof Scoops look better on your roof.

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The TAILORED ventilation system purpose-built for the harsh Australian climate

The Roof Scoop is unlike any other roofing ventilation. It is a complete system which creates cross ventilation within the roof space. The proven effectiveness of cross ventilation has been well documented but often neglected. All roof vents, whether it be the humble whirlybird or more powerful solar vents, require the installation of at least eave vents. This can be quite expensive & hazardous as some older homes have asbestos eaves. This deters many installers from eave vent installation, leaving the focus on output vents alone. Outlet vents (whirlybirds) do expel heat from the roof but without inlet vents the results are usually quite poor (which is why every whirlybird packaging recommends the installation of eave vents).

Kangaroof's patented Roof Scoop is a more cost effective & safer way to cross ventilate your roof.


A relatable example of cross ventilation

When wind hits the windward facade, it creates a positive pressure on the facade. Similarly, as it flows away from the leeward facade, a region of lower pressure will be created. If windows are open in the building on both the windward & leeward side, air will be forced through the building, because of the pressure difference between the openings.


Roof Scoop cross ventilation

Our inlet/outlet Roof Scoop couple create effective cross ventilation within the roof space, reducing your homes temperature on hot days and expels condensation & dampness in the cooler months.

Air is knocking on your roof tiles. We simply open the door to let it in.....

then we show it the back door.

Key features & benefits all year long

  • Made in Australia of Bluescope Colorbond, stainless steel or copper (no easily deteriorating plastics)

  • Performance tailored to meet the demands of any home. Housing/flashing tailored to fit your roof profile - 100% watertight.

  • Solar battery, controller and thermostat available.

  • Installed by a Kangaroof professional.

  • Driven by twin extractor fans engineered for over 160,000 hours of continuous use.

  • Fans, motor, battery pack and housing are all hidden under the roofs service.

  • Colours to match all roof colours.

  • Removes dampness & condensation often resulting in a build up of mould and mildew.

  • Protects insulation & roof structure.

  • Reduces roof space temperature resulting in a reduction of living space temperature.

  • Reduces the need to run air conditioning.

  • Powered by Monocrystalline solar cells - free to run - reduces energy consumption.

  • Whisper quite 

  • Aluminium pest guard mesh - Bushfire safe.


   10 years Kangaroof installation

    & product warranty


We are ready to demonstrate why the Roof Scoop is the most effective roof ventilation system.

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Each Roof Scoop is carefully inspected by a member of the Kangaroof family

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